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Dog License

ABOUT THE LICENSE: A dog license is required for all dogs residing in the State of Ohio (Ohio Revised Code 955). The license is also a form of identification for your pet. We can reconnect you with your dog if it is found wearing the license. The Animal Shelter will hold a licensed dog for up to 14 days. The license fees are used to fund the Animal Control agency to keep stray dogs from overrunning the county; stray dogs can run in packs and become dangerous.

WHAT TO DO FIRST: If a dog is older than three months old, it needs to be vaccinated against rabies prior to licensing. Dogs more than nine months old receive a discount if they have been spayed or neutered, with exceptions.

Kennel License

ABOUT THE LICENSE: The kennel license is available for individuals or companies professionally breeding dogs for sale. It may be less expensive than purchasing multiple tags.

WHAT TO DO FIRST: Check with your local Zoning Department. If you are professionally breeding dogs for sale, some communities do not allow dog breeding businesses in residential neighborhoods. A list of Zoning Departments can be viewed here. If you are professionally breeding dogs for sale, and not selling all the dogs to someone who resells them, you should apply for a Vendor's License, since the dogs would be taxable. See the Vendor's License section below.

Retail Cigarette Dealers License

ABOUT THE LICENSE: According to Ohio Revised Code 5743, anyone who distributes, stores, or sells cigarettes in the State of Ohio must have a Cigarette License.

WHAT TO DO FIRST: You must first apply, or apply in conjunction with, a Vendor's License. See the Vendor's License section below.

Vendor's License

ABOUT THE LICENSE: The license is a Sales Tax Account for the State of Ohio Department of Taxation.

WHAT TO DO FIRST: Determining ownership structure is the first step in starting a business. Many companies jump right in and realize they should have decided legal structure first. Each structure has its advantages and disadvantages: Sole Proprietor (Owner), Partnership (General or Limited), Limited Liability Partnership, Limited Liability Company, Corporations (Different Types), Fiduciary, Association, Business Trust, etc. If you are using a business name, you should check the availability with the Secretary of State, and check to see if you should register it with them at 614-466-3910 or You should also check with your local Zoning Department, to see if you may transact a business from the desired address.


Changes in Vendor's Licenses:

  • Elimination of Vendor's License renewals.
  • Elimination of Limited Vendor's License.
  • Elimination of requirement to get new license when Vendor changes address in the same county.
  • Lowering of fee for Transient Vendor's License setting fee for each license to $25.

Visit the State of Ohio Department of Taxation to determine what type of Vendor's License to purchase, and links to different types of Vendor's License Applications.

The State of Ohio Department of Taxation changed its Vendor License Program in July 2014. As a result of the changes Vendor License reports will be available on a monthly basis.

May 2018 (Excel)

May 2018 (.PDF)

April 2018 (Excel)

April 2018 (.PDF)

March 2018 (Excel)

March 2018 (.PDF)

February 2018 (Excel)

February 2018 (.PDF)

January 2018 (Excel)

January 2018 (.PDF)

Junk Yard License

ABOUT THE LICENSE: For incorporated and unincorporated areas of Franklin County, excluding City of Columbus.

WHAT TO DO FIRST: Check with local Zoning Department to see if you may transact this business from desired address.

Contact the Environmental Crimes Unit of the Franklin County Sheriff's Office at 614-525-7449, or visit the office at 410 S. High St., Room 317 for further instructions concerning this license, including the required inspection. After the County Auditor has an approved inspection, a Junk Yard License may be issued. For City of Columbus, contact them at 614-645-7433. You will also need a Vendor's License from our office. See Vendor's License. For Automotive Salvage Dealers, contact the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles at 614-752-7634.