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Below is a list of instructions that may help guide you through the necessary steps to obtain taxing district numbers, tax rate information and tax forms.

  • Looking Up Taxing Districts
  1. Click on Personal Property Tax Rates. This page provides the Franklin County three-digit code to be used when filing Form 920, and the State of Ohio Inter County four-digit code to be used when filing Form 945. Provided also is the Taxing District Name, and the 2004 Tax Rates.
  2. From the Personal Property Tax Rates screen, click on Real Estate - this will take you to the property search to allow you to locate the taxing district of a specific address.
    If you have already obtained the tax rates, you may eliminate steps 1 & 2 and click on "Property Search" from left frame.
  3. "To start, choose a search below..." will appear. Click on "Street Address".
  4. "Please Enter a Street Number" will appear. Here, type in the street number of the address you are searching. Tab to "Please Enter an Address." Here, you are able to type in the street name.
    Example: 373 S. High Street, for "Street Number" enter "373", and for "Street Name" enter "High" (for best results, do not use "ST, DR, LN, CT, etc."). Then click on "Go". If the address doesn't appear, you may try to type in the "Street Name" without the number, or use a lower address to retry your search.
  5. The address you have entered will appear. You will see the "Parcel I.D." number. The first three numbers of the Parcel I.D. will be your Franklin County Taxing District code.
  6. If you need the Inter County Code, please refer back to the 2004 Personal Property Tax Rate screen. The four-digit Inter County Code is listed in the Form #945 column.

  • Downloading Forms:
  1. Acrobat Reader is required for downloading the forms. If you do not have Acrobat Reader, you must first click on "Click here to download Acrobat Reader for free." This will walk you through the steps to download the Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  2. Click on "County Return of Taxable Business Property." This will link you directly to the State of Ohio Department of Taxation Web Site where you can obtain the tax forms, including the Inter-County Returns, and prior year returns.