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Ownership, appraised value, legal description, property address, building description, building footprint records and photographs are available in the Auditor's Map Room on the 19th floor of the Franklin County Courthouse, 373 S. High St., and on the website.

In Tax Year 2016, the total value of property in Franklin County reached a record high of $102.3 billion. The previous high came in 2015 at $100.8 billion. The county's total property value has increased more than six percent since values dipped to $95.6 billion following the 2011 Reappraisal.

The Franklin County Auditor's Office processed more than 20,000 property transactions this past year with valid sale deeds. Residential transactions account for 95 percent of all transactions in Franklin County. The median sales price for single family homes has rose above its 2014 peak to mark a new high of $169,500. Single family transactions account for about 75 percent of all residential property transactions in the county.

This quartlerly sales trend report of property transactions in Franklin County breaks down what happened this past year. 

In addition, owners of properties that have been damaged by fire, flood or other means are encouraged to submit a Property Value Reduction Application. A substantial reduction in property value will result in a lower property tax bill until the property has been essentially restored to its prior condition. Applications for value reductions for properties damaged between January 1 and September 30 are due by December 31 of the same tax year. Applications for properties damaged between October 1 and December 31 are due no later than January 31 of the year following the damage. The amount of the value reduction allowed is adjusted quarterly depending upon when the damage occurred. For more information please call 614-525-HOME (4663).

Tax Incentives

The Tax Incentive Division handles the administration of charitable exemptions and abatement programs. These programs are used as a tool to encourage development and growth and to also create and preserve employment. There are currently around 30,000 parcels within Franklin County that receive some form of tax incentive. Listed below are the various types.

2017 Abatement Transparency Initiative

Abatement Tax Impact - Years 2010-2014 and Consolidated

Consolidated School District Foregone Tax

Charitable Exemptions (ORC 5709). Examples include (but are not limited to) churches, hospitals, park districts, colleges or academies and can be full or partial exemptions.

Tax Increment Finance - TIF (ORC 5709.40) A TIF parcel pays full tax, however a portion of the tax collected is sent to the municipality to pay for public infrastructure improvements made within the TIF area.

Community Reinvestment Area - CRA (ORC 3735.65) - An incentive used to encourage new construction and job growth.

Enterprise Zone - EZ (ORC 5709.62) - An incentive used to encourage new construction and job growth.

The Auditor's Office is not involved in the approval of abatement programs, but does manage the parcels and maintains the abatement status. In addition, the Auditor is by law the Chair of the Tax Incentive Review Council for each area of the county that has been granted abatements. For further information, please call 614-525-6272.

The Tax Incentive Division also administers the Current Agricultural Use Valuation (CAUV) program, which saves farmers tax dollars because farm land is assigned value based on soil type rather than standard real estate factors. The CAUV Application and CAUV Renewal Application deadline is the first Monday of March each year. For further information please call 614-525-6254.

Transfer & Conveyance

Transfer and Conveyance documents the transfer of properties and maintains the auditor's parcel numbering system. This section also manages subdivision and condominium plats, as well as property splits. The Transfer and Conveyance section processes more than 50,000 property transfers yearly. Call 614-525-3254 with any questions.

Conveyance Fees & Transfer Tax

Franklin County conveyance fees are $2 for every $1,000 of the sale price. Effective Jan. 12, 2006, the Franklin County Commissioners imposed a $1 per thousand permissive conveyance tax in addition to the mandatory $1 per thousand conveyance fee. This action was approved on Dec. 13, 2005 by passage of Resolution number 998-05.

Transfer tax is $.50 per parcel. Credit cards and personal checks are not accepted. For more information regarding fees call 614-525-3254.

Tax Accounting

The Tax Accounting section provides a service to Franklin County townships and municipalities by collecting surcharges for special services such as weed cutting and sidewalk installation, and special improvement districts.

In addition, annexations, real estate tax adjustments and refunds due to a change in a property's taxable value are administered in this section. For more information please call 614-525-3205.

Board of Revision

The Franklin County Board of Revision (BOR) hears formal complaints on property valuations and appraisals. BOR complaints are accepted from November through March 31 each year. Filing a complaint allows property owners to schedule a hearing before the Board of Revision, which is comprised of the county auditor, treasurer and president of the board of commissioners or their representatives. At the hearing, property owners may present information such as recent appraisals or sales data for similar properties in support of their complaints. For more information please call 614-525-3913.

Public Information

The Franklin County Auditor's Public Information Section handles requests for information via telephone, Internet, and walk-in inquiries. Available information includes property record cards, taxpayer information and parcel identification sheets.

A wide array of information, including maps, color aerial photography and ownership records, are available in the Public Information Section on the 19th floor of the Franklin County Courthouse, 373 S. High St., in Columbus.

A central telephone number has been established to handle all real estate inquiries. The number (614-525-4663) annually receives about 200,000 calls. The real estate office may also be reached by emailing

Residential Rental Property Registration Program

House bill 294, which took effect on Sept. 28, 2006, requires the owner(s) of residential rental property to file information with the County Auditor of the county in which the property is located. Residential rental property means: real property, one or more dwelling units leased or rented solely for residential purposes, mobile home park or site where lots are leased for parking mobile/ manufactured homes/RV's for residential purposes. Click here for further information on our Residential Rental Property Registration Program.

Geographic Information System

The Franklin County Auditor's appraisal Geographic Information System (GIS) is a computer graphics and mapping program comprised of more than 4,000 color aerial photographs, site photography and property records. The system, which has received national recognition, consists of geographic data layers attached to a base map.

Data layers include property lines, planimetric features (aboveground structures), and topographic details (land contours, elevations and hydrography), as well as other factors that affect property values.

The GIS Section provides additional services, including public-access computer terminals in the Auditor's map room on the 19th floor of the Franklin County Courthouse, 373 S. High St. In 1995, the GIS Section began producing quarterly releases of the GIS base map on DVD's in three formats: MetaMAP, DXF and Shapefiles.

Since January 1996, all updated property information has been recorded only in the GIS. Prior to 1996, information was recorded on approximately 3,800 paper tax maps that had been in existence for 150 years.