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Columbus Business First: Columbus housing market keeps getting hotter and hotter
“We are less than one year removed from the completion of the 2017 reappraisal and the real estate market is already in another stratosphere,” Mingo said in a statement. “When you realize that almost (9 in 10) houses are being sold for more than our value, you get a true appreciation of the strength of housing in Franklin County.”

WTVN 610-AM: Nearly 9-in-10 homes being sold for more than auditor's value
Franklin County Auditor Clarence Mingo discussed Franklin County's red hot real estate market on "The Joel Riley Show."

WSYX-TV (ABC Columbus): Auditor reveals 50 homes were sold per day in Franklin County last month
The auditor said of the 1,545 homes sold 1,288 were sold above the auditor's value. That's just over 83 percent.

WCMH-TV (NBC Columbus): Auditor's office helps protect from gas pump skimming devices
Thieves are more sophisticated and Franklin County Auditor, Clarence Mingo says crooks could be stealing your information while sitting hundreds of feet away.

WTVN 610-AM: Auditor Mingo calls Franklin County "jewel of the midwest"
“The reality is that people want their property values low for tax purposes and high for sales purposes, and we are seeing that reality play out between homeowners and homebuyers on the open market,” Mingo said.

Columbus Dispatch: Homes selling for far more than auditor value
Four out of five Franklin County homes that changed hands this year sold above the county auditor’s estimated value, in some cases for two or three times as much.

Columbus Business First: Nearly 80 percent of Franklin County homes selling above auditor's value
“Homeowners are in an incredibly strong position to command a high return on their property investment,” Mingo said in a statement. “And home buyers in this county are showing that they are willing to spend top dollar to secure the home they want.”

The Sunbury News: Auditor’s Office offering tax break to owners of damaged properties
“We want our residents to know that the Franklin County Auditor’s Office is another resource during this time,” Mingo said. “We are available to help folks as they try to regroup after these severe weather events.”

Columbus Dispatch: Tax relief available for homeowners hit by storm
To qualify, homeowners must demonstrate that their home lost value because of the storms. Auditor Clarence Mingo sent crews with drones to document the property damage.

Columbus Dispatch: Franklin County home prices up 7 percent this year
Homes sold for a median price of $168,000 during the quarter, up from $157,000 a year earlier. Almost 5,000 homes changed hands, up 8.7 percent from a year ago.

WSYX-TV (ABC Columbus): Franklin County Auditor using eyes in the sky to find tornado damaged homes
Mingo says homeowners whose houses were determined to have been damaged by the storm, will see their tax bills reduced.

Columbus Dispatch: More than 7,000 challenges to Franklin County property values filed
Franklin County Auditor Clarence Mingo criticized the schools’ challenges, which have risen steadily this decade. “Most homeowners are not in a position to battle school boards,” he said. “It’s an unfair fight. The average homeowner doesn’t have the same resources.”

Columbus Dispatch: Homeowners have 10 days to challenge property tax values
Those still not satisfied can file formal appeals to the Board of Revision. As of this morning, 3,948 appeals have been filed, far fewer than the 6,226 appeals that were filed by this time in 2012, following the last major reappraisal in 2011.

WCMH-TV (NBC Columbus): Auditor calls for tax breaks for families of first responders killed on the job
“We absolutely support this legislation and are thankful Auditor Mingo has recommended its passage,” said local FOP president Jason Pappas. The organization just finished raising money for the wives and children of Westerville Police Officers Anthony Morelli and Eric Joering.

WCBE-FM (NPR Columbus): State Lawmakers Considering Tax Breaks For Relatives Of Slain First Responders
Mingo also backed a plan to give a property tax break to disabled veterans. Since it passed in 2014, he says it’s cost the state less than a half a million dollars.

Columbus Dispatch: Auditor wants tax break for spouses of first-responders killed on job
Franklin County Auditor Clarence Mingo wants Ohio lawmakers to give a $50,000 property tax exemption per year to surviving spouses of police officers, paramedics and firefighters killed on the job.

Columbus Dispatch: 2017 sales set records in Franklin County
“This new 2017 data reaffirms what the 2017 reappraisal showed us,” said Auditor Clarence Mingo. “This is a sellers’ market and the red-hot Franklin County real estate market shows absolutely no signs of slowing down.”

Columbus Dispatch: Get your Franklin County dog license by Wednesday or pay double
As of Friday, 101,053 dogs had been licensed in Franklin County, a number likely to increase before the Wednesday deadline. That’s a nearly 10 percent increase over last year’s 92,000 licenses.

Columbus Business First: Homes flew off the market every 30 minutes in Franklin County in 2017
“When completing the 2017 reappraisal, we looked at sales data from calendar years 2014, 2015 and 2016,” Auditor Clarence Mingo said. “This new 2017 data reaffirms what the 2017 reappraisal showed us and that is this is a sellers’ market and the red-hot Franklin County real estate market shows absolutely no signs of slowing down.”

Columbus Business First: What you need to know to challenge new property values
“We have completely wiped out any type of backlog of cases,” Mingo said in a release. “Those who file a Board of Revision complaint before April will receive a hearing during calendar year 2018.”

WTTE-TV (FOX Columbus): Now is the time to renew dog licenses
Franklin County Auditor Clarence Mingo and John Fekete from the Franklin County Dog Shelter and Adoption Center stopped by with two special guests to talk about the process.

Auditor Mingo to join "Good Day Columbus" on Wednesday, Dec. 20
Franklin County Auditor Clarence Mingo will join FOX 28 Columbus on Wednesday, Dec. 20 at 9:15 a.m. to discuss the importance of dog licensing in the county.

Columbus Dispatch: Own rental property in Franklin County? Register or pay up
Tired of absentee and other landlords not registering their properties, as required by law, Franklin County Auditor Clarence Mingo will be raising the fine for not registering to its maximum level.

Columbus Dispatch: County property values reach new high
Rising values and new construction pushed the total value of property in the county to $115.1 billion, up 12.6 percent from last year, according to figures released today by Franklin County Auditor Clarence Mingo.

Columbus Business First: Franklin County property value at record high for third straight year
"The county's real estate market is strong and shows no sign of slowing down," said Franklin County Auditor Clarence Mingo. "Homes throughout the county continue to consistently sell for more than our 2017 value."

Columbus Business First: Rental property owners have until Thursday to register with auditor
Registration notices were mailed in March. During the past six years 175,956 of them have been sent out and 60 percent get returned. Those who don't mail them back are fined $50, resulting in a $3.54 million haul for the county.

WTVN 610-AM: Franklin County Auditor on end of year tax scams
Franklin County Auditor Clarence Mingo joined "The Joel Riley Show" to discuss end of the year tax scams in Franklin County.

Auditor Mingo to join 610 WTVN-AM on Wednesday, Nov. 8
Franklin County Auditor Clarence Mingo will join "The Joel Riley Show" on 610 WTVN-AM on Wednesday, Nov. 8 at 7:35 a.m. Tune in to listen!

WSYX-TV (ABC Columbus): Scammers trying to charge people for free information
Franklin County Auditor Clarence Mingo says the notice did not come from his office, “They should always be wary of people charging them for public information.”

Auditor Mingo to join 610 WTVN-AM on Monday, Oct. 16
Franklin County Auditor Clarence Mingo will join "The John Corby Show" on 610 WTVN-AM at 3:35 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 16 to discuss the 2017 Reappraisal.

WSYX-TV (ABC Columbus): Skimmer device discovered at Dublin gas station
"In this particular case, the criminals were very bold and brazen. They actually accessed the pump and placed the skimmer on site" Mingo said.

Columbus Dispatch: Credit card skimmer found at Dublin gas pump
“This is the first time in Franklin County -- outside of Columbus -- the criminals have arrived,” Auditor Clarence Mingo said after the gas station owner discovered the device at 10:15 a.m. Tuesday on a gas pump at the Marathon station at 215 W. Bridge Street.

WSYX-TV (ABC Columbus): Franklin County property owners get new appraisal, with many seeing increases
But if you think your evaluation is wrong you can question it. The auditor’s office will be holding several reviews all over the county. Make sure to bring your review, photos of the condition of your home, a recent appraisal done but a license appraiser and any sales information on what homes are selling for in your neighborhood.

Columbus Dispatch: Franklin County home values released
County Auditor Clarence Mingo today mailed property value reports to owners of all 430,000 parcels in the county.

Staff will be answering questions live on WSYX-TV (ABC Columbus) on Monday, Aug. 28
Staff members from the Franklin County Auditor's Office will be answering questions from viewers from 5 p.m. until 6:30 p.m. on Monday, Aug. 28 regarding the 2017 Reappraisal on Channel 6 in Columbus.

Columbus Business First: Here's when you'll be able to get a sneak peak at your 2017 tentative property value
If you live in Franklin County, you can get a sneak peak of your tentative property value online late Friday night. If you'd rather see the figure the old-fashioned way, you should get something in the mail on Saturday or Monday.

Columbus Business First: Franklin County Auditor's Office in elite company for property valuations
Out of the more than 3,500 counties and cities that assess property in the United States, only 36 have earned the honor just given to the Franklin County Auditor's Office.

Columbus Business First: Here's where you can contest your property value in September
"Informal value reviews give property owners a chance to have a say in the value of their property," Mingo said in a release. "Bringing along supporting information, be it comparable sales or a recent appraisal, will help our appraisers most accurately value the owner's property."

Columbus Business First: Hot real estate market has property transactions well ahead of last year's pace
A day after Columbus Realtors revealed the highest median sales price ever recorded in the region, auditor data show 11,403 property transactions have occurred in the year's first half, an increase of 6.4 percent from 10,717 a year ago.

WSYX-TV (ABC Columbus): Franklin County property reappraisal numbers released
"Property owners will have a voice in this process all the way until values are finalized in November," Mingo said.

Columbus Business First: Here’s where property values (and taxes) are increasing the most in Franklin County
“The Franklin County real estate market has rebounded in full from this past decade’s Great Recession,” Mingo said. “Homeowners have once again begun to see a return on investment on their property’s value.”

Columbus Dispatch: Most in Franklin County to pay about 2 percent more property tax
Mingo’s office concluded that home values rose 14 percent since property values were last updated three years ago.

Columbus Business First: Have a question about the value of your home? Auditor Clarence Mingo wants to talk
“Property owners will have a voice in this process all the way until values are finalized,” Mingo said in a release. “These meetings give residents a chance to attend an open meeting in their neighborhood and learn more about the steps they can take to ensure a fair and equitable value.”

Columbus Dispatch: Editorial: Hot in Cbus: property pricier
Homeowners will see their new tentative values in late August, and they get a chance to plead their case at meetings with Mingo’s office in September if they think he got it wrong. Some people want to lower their tax bill; others want their valuation raised, perhaps because they are selling.

Columbus Dispatch: Franklin County property values expected to increase by double digits
Franklin County Auditor Clarence Mingo is holding five public meetings in July to explain the reappraisal process his office is mandated by Ohio law to conduct every six years on all properties. That requires the auditor’s office to physically view all county parcels, which it has been doing for more than two years.

WCMH-TV (NBC Columbus): Are Columbus tax abatements a burden on taxpayers?
“No one has taken the time to really study this particular issue,” said Franklin County Auditor Clarence Mingo. He recently commissioned a first of its kind study that looked at Franklin County tax abatements and their effects on homeowners.

Columbus Business First: Here are the most-valuable apartment communities in Central Ohio
"Franklin County's exceedingly strong real estate market is not only confined to single-family homes or commercial properties," Auditor Clarence Mingo says. "These apartment complexes are in high demand and construction of new ones – just take a drive in the downtown area, campus or Grandview– remains a high priority for developers throughout the county."

WCMH-TV (NBC Columbus): Thieves using Bluetooth devices at gas pumps to steal your data
“The hard thing about this crime is the consequence of it. If you’re victimized by a skimmer, it can cost you financially and it’s a little more than a hassle,” said Franklin County Auditor Clarence Mingo.

Auditor using drones to assess property values
"The goal for us is accuracy," said Franklin County Auditor Clarence Mingo. "We just want to make sure we have an accurate perception of the property, an image of the property and that leads to an accurate property value."

Columbus Business First: Sizzling real estate market on pace for 6th straight year of growth
More good news keeps rolling in about the health of the local real estate market.

Columbus Dispatch: Therapy puppy Mattis K. Nine gets lifetime license
“This little guy is well on his way to becoming the most popular dog in this county and what better way to promote responsible pet ownership and the importance of dog licensing than having an event like we are today,” Mingo said.

Columbus Dispatch: Franklin County Auditor's Office website to provide 360-degree photos of all 428,000 properties for first time
The service is similar to what Google does with its Street View maps. But Cyclomedia offers additional features, including measuring structures to the centimeter for appraisal purposes. This also allows Mingo to fulfill his lawful responsibility to photograph each property every three years. Franklin County owns the photos.

Columbus Dispatch: Drones to help determine Franklin County appraisals, property taxes
"It's smart. It's practical. It's the future," Mingo said.

WSYX-TV (ABC Columbus): Credit card skimmers targeting Ohio gas pumps
Illegal skimming schemes are also being discovered in Ohio, where gas pumps were targeted by thieves in Toledo and Cincinnati over the past few weeks. "The thieves are getting smarter, they are getting more aggressive, it's only a matter of time before someone in Franklin County is compromised," said Franklin County Auditor Clarence Mingo.

Columbus Business First: Here are the most valuable golf courses in Franklin County
“Golf courses not only provide recreational opportunities but they also build the tax base for the communities in which they reside,” Mingo said. “You do not have to play golf to reap the benefits of having a course in your area.”

WBNS-TV (CBS Columbus): How to prevent your credit card from being skimmed
Twice a year, Weights and Measures inspectors examine 3,300 gas pumps in Franklin County looking for credit card skimmers designed to copy the numbers on your card, even the PIN number, in just a few seconds. "You're giving it to them and what's really bad about it is you don't know it," Franklin County Auditor Clarence Mingo said.

WBNS-TV (CBS Columbus) to air special report on skimmers on Monday, Feb. 20
Tune in to check out the work the Franklin County Auditor's Office is doing to keep consumers safe at 5:45 p.m. on Monday, Feb. 20 on 10TV.

Columbus Business First: What residents of each Franklin County school district are paying in property taxes for 2017
"School funding remains one of the most heavily debated and scrutinized issues of our time," Mingo says. "Hopefully taxpayers will have reason to conclude that their property tax dollars are being spent wisely."

Columbus Dispatch: Dog owners often choose names that make their pets seem like part of the family
"Of the 92,000 dogs licensed by the Franklin County Auditor in 2016, 1,154 dogs were named Bella. It was also the most popular name for female dogs in the country and has been for several years."

Columbus Business First: Why now is the perfect time to get your dog’s license
Estimates show there are about 277,000 dogs in Franklin County. In 2016, just 101,000 of those dogs were licensed. “Bluntly, this is a problem,” Mingo said. “A dog is a cherished member of any family and owners who are not licensing their dogs are doing not only a disservice to their pet but also to other members of their family.”

Columbus Business First: Franklin County property sales see 'staggering' jump since Great Recession
There were 23,290 property sales in the county last year, up 12 percent from 20,782 transactions in 2015 and about 12,000 in 2011 at the bottom of the housing market. The record is 31,627 in 2004.

WCBE-FM (NPR Columbus): Franklin County Property Values Expected To Increase This Year
Mingo says a 40-year-old state law lowers effective millage rates as property values rise, in order to keep a steady revenue stream for school districts.

Columbus Dispatch: Real estate has made comeback
"Those who think Mingo’s office got their valuation wrong will get a chance to plead their case before the tax bills are finalized. But before complaining, homeowners should ask themselves whether they’d be willing to sell their property for the amount they are arguing it is worth."

Auditor Mingo joins WSYX-TV (ABC Columbus) on Thursday, Jan. 12
Auditor Mingo and staff will be answering property value and Board of Revision related questions tonight from 5 p.m. until 6:30 p.m. on Channel 6 in Columbus.

Auditor Mingo previews 2017 Reappraisal on 'The Joel Riley Show'
Auditor Mingo joined Joel Riley on 610 WTVN earlier this morning to discuss property values and property taxes. Click the link above to listen to the interview.

Auditor Mingo joins 610 WTVN-AM on Wednesday, Jan. 11
Auditor Mingo will join "The Joel Riley Show" on Wednesday, Jan. 11 at 7:25 a.m. to talk property values in 2017. Tune in to listen live!

Auditor’s values for Franklin County homes may soar by more than 10 percent
Mingo’s figures are consistent with other estimates of central Ohio home values, which have rebounded significantly from the crash.

Fewer than half of Franklin County dogs are licensed
The license also is important for the health and safety of the community, said Franklin County Auditor Clarence Mingo, whose office issues dog licenses. Licenses can't be obtained without proof that the dog has had a rabies vaccination.

Grove City Record: Study to determine if abatements work
"A 2014 study conducted by The Columbus Dispatch found that the number of properties receiving a tax break exploded in Franklin County over the previous 15 years, from fewer than 400 in 1999 to about 19,000. In the two years since that study, almost 1,900 more parcels have received tax breaks, bringing the total to just under 21,000, Mingo's office said."

FOX 28 (Columbus): The importance of dog licenses
Auditor Mingo appeared on "Good Day Columbus" to discuss the importance of dog licensing on Thursday, Dec. 1. Click above to watch the video.

Columbus Business First: Here are the Top 20 dog breeds in Franklin County as licensing season begins
"Responsible pet ownership requires a minimal investment for a maximum return on your dog's well-being," Mingo said in a statement. "The peace of mind a dog license gives owners is that if your pet is ever lost, you have a much higher likelihood of having that dog returned to you when found."

Auditor Mingo joins WTTE-TV (FOX Columbus) on Thursday, Dec. 1
Auditor Mingo will be discussing the importance of dog licensing live on FOX 28 at 9:35 a.m. on Thursday, Dec. 1.

ThisWeek News: Do the deals work? Study to determine
Franklin County Auditor Clarence Mingo commissioned the study by the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy even as the Ohio General Assembly is debating another property tax exemption for businesses.

Columbus Dispatch: Tax abatements ripe for analysis
Franklin County Auditor Clarence Mingo is doing all Ohioans a great favor. He has commissioned an expert, the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy in Cambridge, Massachusetts, to study local property-tax abatements and determine whether these tax breaks created economic growth — as promised — or merely pushed the tax burden onto others.

WCMH-TV (NBC Columbus): ‘Better Call Jackson’: Does your firewood make the cut?
“If the people just assume that a rack or a truck load is standard for the purchase and they think they’re making a purchase based upon measurement that’s accurate and its simply is not, ” said Franklin County Auditor Clarence Mingo.

Auditor Mingo joins WCMH-TV (NBC Columbus) on Monday, Nov. 21
Auditor Mingo will discuss firewood and the steps our office is taking to ensure transparency in the marketplace on Monday, Nov. 21 at 6 p.m on NBC4.

Board of Revision period opens one month earlier than usual
The Franklin County Board of Revision hears formal complaints on property valuations. Filing a complaint allows people to present their case before the Board of Revision, which is comprised of representatives from the offices of the county auditor, treasurer and county commissioner.

Columbus Dispatch: Property values bounce back
Having taken its licks in the Great Recession, Franklin County’s property values have come roaring back, stronger than ever. And that is fantastic news all around.

Columbus Dispatch: Do property-tax breaks in Franklin County really deliver economic growth or just shift burden?
The Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, will examine all abatements granted from 1995 to 2015 in New Albany, Westerville, Hilliard, Gahanna, Grove City and Upper Arlington, and a portion of the much larger number granted by the city of Columbus, under a $49,000 contract. It will determine the outcomes the cities were trying to get, the contract says, "and investigate whether these desired outcomes actually occurred.”

Columbus Dispatch: County property values hit record high
Driving the values are record-high home prices and sales, in addition to significant new construction, especially in multi-family, hospitality, health care and industrial properties. More than $1 billion in taxable new construction was added to the county's rolls this year, said County Auditor Clarence Mingo.

Columbus Business First: Need another sign that Franklin County's real estate market is sizzling? Property value hits all-time high
“Property values are an accurate gauge as to the health of the real estate market,” Mingo said. “Our market continues to remain undeniably strong as we head into the 2017 reappraisal.”

10TV: Franklin Co. landlords have until November 11 to register properties
“Residents have the right to know who is renting out properties in their neighborhoods. When these properties go into disrepair, they are harming all aspects of a neighborhood. The rental registration is an avenue that neighbors can utilize to inform the proper authorities and keep our county as safe and well-maintained as possible,” added Auditor Mingo.

Columbus Dispatch: Landlords must register
The number of rental properties registered with the county has risen the past three years, from 57,696 in 2014 to 70,608 today.

Deadline to avoid fine, register rental property is Friday, Nov. 11
During the past five years, the auditor’s office has mailed out 146,659 rental registration notices. About 60 percent of those (87,590) returned the application and were not fined. The remaining 59,069 were fined $50 each for a total of $2,953,450.

Columbus Dispatch: Look for well-seasoned hardwoods to keep the home fires burning
"A lot of the burden in this area is with the consumer," said Franklin County Auditor Clarence Mingo, whose office is charged with making sure consumers get all the firewood they pay for. "The watchword is vigilance."

Auditor’s Office shares first legal education course on Board of Revision
The Franklin County Auditor’s Office is the first in the state to create such a course focused on the Board of Revision in Ohio.

Columbus Business First: Property sales jumping across sectors in Franklin County
According to Franklin County Auditor Clarence Mingo's office, property transactions are on pace to far outnumber last year’s total of 20,782. There have been 17,594 transactions so far in 2016, compared with 15,811 transactions at the same time last year.

Columbus Business First: Here are the 50 most valuable commercial and business properties in Franklin County
According to Auditor Clarence Mingo, the county topped more than $100 billion in property value for the first time ever in 2015. “We do not reach those heights without excellence in the business community and many of the properties on this list illustrate that excellence,” he said.

Mingo, staffers answer hundreds of questions from television viewers
Franklin County Auditor Clarence Mingo and staff members joined WSYX-TV (ABC Columbus) on Tuesday, Oct. 11 to answer questions from viewers. Check out the video.

Auditor Mingo joins WSYX-TV (ABC Columbus) on Tuesday, Oct. 11
Franklin County Auditor Clarence Mingo will be joining WSYX-TV (ABC Columbus) on Tuesday, Oct. 11 from 5 p.m. until 6:30 p.m. to answer questions about the Tax Levy Estimator.

Delinquent list features more than $22 million in unpaid property taxes
The list includes 12,413 properties with a total of $22,006,863.95 in unpaid property taxes. The average delinquent amount on each property is about $1,773.

Study will investigate success of desired tax abatement outcomes
Using a data set, the Lincoln Institute will summarize the initial desired outcomes of the abatement agreements and investigate whether the desired outcomes occurred. The study also will examine how school districts that rely on property taxes are affected by the use of tax abatements as well as the relationship between tax abatements and property values.

Columbus Dispatch: Auditor sells 80 properties
Prices ranged from $1 for a tiny landlocked rectangle of land off Broadway in Grove City to $45,000 for a former Catholic Social Services shelter at 1640 E. Mound St.

Auditor’s Sale brings in nearly 10 times more than last year’s event
Franklin County Auditor Clarence Mingo today announced that 80 of the 83 properties at last month’s second annual Auditor’s Sale were sold for a total of $271,642.

Tax Levy Calculator available one month prior to start of early voting
“Technology has created an expectation amongst citizens that information regarding important issues will be readily available for them to digest,” Franklin County Auditor Clarence Mingo said. “Our Tax Levy Calculator makes it easy for someone to not only learn about levy issues but also see the personalized dollar amount that comes along with a proposed levy.”

Residents can now apply for homestead exemption year round
Passed earlier this summer, House Bill 166 extends the filing deadline for the homestead exemption and the owner occupied tax reduction from the first Monday in June to December 31 of the year the exemption or reduction applies to. “I applaud the Ohio General Assembly’s effort here to clean up the unnecessary red tape in applying for this tax break,” Franklin County Auditor Clarence Mingo said. “These dollars make a real difference for our seniors.”

Columbus Business First: Auditor Mingo unveils fraud hotline for county employees

Franklin County is beefing up its employee fraud detection system, according to an announcement Thursday from Franklin County Auditor Clarence Mingo. The county on Thursday unveiled a fraud detection hotline and said it will seek funds to find an internal auditor — someone who would seek to detect fraud within county agencies. The hotline will be in operation 24/7.
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ABC6: Crooks use Bluetooth skimmers in gas station pumps

Columbus — Filling your gas tank could drain your bank account. Thieves now have a new and easier way to get your credit card information. They're stealing it wirelessly, while you're pumping gas.
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10 TV: New type of credit card skimmer has inspectors on alert at the pump

Credit card skimmers have not been found in Franklin County, but news of a new type of skimmer found in other parts of the country has inspectors on the lookout for any criminal activity on area gas pumps. Once a year, inspectors from the Franklin County Weights and Measures go on the hunt for credit card skimmers inside gas pumps. “What we are looking for is anything suspicious. We want to make sure [the] credit card reader has not been modified,” inspector Corey Schwartz said.
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Net Position
On June 30, the office of Auditor Clarence Mingo released the annual Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) for Fiscal Year 2015 for Franklin County. This report is issued each year in accordance with state law and provides a narrative and analysis of the financial activities for the county. As the county’s Chief Financial Officer, the responsibility for issuing this report for the county rests squarely on the county auditor’s office.

Franklin County revenues with a historical perspective
Each year our office is responsible for the release of Franklin County's Comprehensive Annual Fiscal Report (CAFR). Here is a highlighted portion of information from the CAFR which shows Franklin County's revenue sources compared with those same revenue sources from 10 years ago.