Strategic Vision

Strategic Plan

This plan is the culmination of a review and analysis of the pilot group's draft by each section. The input from all our employees was invaluable in sharpening our focus and incorporating the very values and principles contained herein. We in the public sector have a clear responsibility to continue striving for the best, most cost-effective service possible to the public. In order to do so, we must be energized in our daily work, be open to exploring new ideas, and be responsive to our customer's needs. We must also create and maintain a professional working atmosphere, which is conducive to bringing out the best in all of us, in support of the team's efforts to provide quality service.

Vision and mission

The Franklin County Auditor's Office will be a leader in public service by striving to eliminate bureaucratic red tape, and providing quality, cost-effective information and services.

The Franklin County Auditor's Office processes and provides accurate information and services in a timely, cost-effective manner to all individuals, businesses, and governmental agencies in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

Values and Principles


  • We consistently demonstrate professionalism in providing public services.
  • We make it our personal goal to set and achieve the highest standards for our products and services.
  • Every employee is challenged to not simply accept "it's always been done that way."


  • We uphold our ethics pledge in dealing with the public and fellow workers.
  • Our conduct and professionalism continually reflect the courtesy and respect we desire from others.



  • We stand behind our products and services.
  • We are prepared to accept appropriate feedback in the spirit of improving the office.



  • "Our doors are always open."
  • Each employee continually strives to make our customers and the public feel welcome.



  • Each employee is given the methods and opportunities to help shape the products and services of the office through individual initiative taken in support of the team effort.



  • We recognize that working together is a critical element of the foundation for reaching our goals.
  • Our potential for achievement is enhanced when individual initiatives are incorporated within a group effort.

Values and Principles



Continue and refine a formal and comprehensive education and training program.


  1. Continually identify and monitor both office and individual needs and resources, internally and externally.
  2. Continue to emphasize education and training in the following areas:
    • Management and supervisory skills incorporating CQIP principles.
    • Individual job-related training.
    • Cross-training.
    • Customer service training.
    • Orientation program including related procedural materials for new and promoted employees.
    • External customer education.
  3. Make a library consisting of publications, e-training and other resources available to all employees.



Continue to improve all communication tools and processes.


  1. Refine the structure that encompasses the following to improve staff awareness:
    • Staff and section meetings with agendas and summaries.
    • Positive recognition of employee performance by management and peers.
    • Further utilization of electronic communication tools.
    • Review and evaluation of human resources policies and procedures.
  2. Refine the structure that communicates information to our customers through user groups and community activities.



Utilize the most cost-effective and efficient approach concerning all processes and planning.


  1. Continue to identify and incorporate cost effectiveness related to all processes, with consideration given to factors such as internal control procedures and legal/policy restrictions.
  2. Evaluate and monitor proposed and actual changes in the law that would affect our products and services.



Satisfy recognizable current and future customer needs.


  1. Respond to all customer requests accurately and in a timely manner.
  2. Incorporate customer comments and survey results in employee training and developing products and services.
  3. Periodically measure and evaluate changing customer needs and implement improvement processes within scheduled timelines.
  4. Monitor external forces such as:
    • Business trends
    • Legislation
    • Technology
    • Economy
    • Demographics


Manage the allocation of available resources necessary to deliver quality services.


  1. Continually review all needs and resources in consideration of budgetary cycles.
  2. Redistribute personnel and other resources to maintain operational standards.


Incorporate quality awareness in all operations originating from this office.


  1. Advance CQIP principles in training and education for all employees.
  2. Develop, evaluate and revise operations, procedures and customer surveys.
  3. Emphasize the efficient and effective use of teams:
    • Utilize the team apprach where applicable.
    • Develop highly functioning team structure.