Board of Revision


The Franklin County Board of Revision (BOR) hears formal complaints on property valuations and disputes on the Rental Registration fees that may have been charged to selected properties. Complaints are accepted from the end of November through the end of March.

Filing a complaint allows property owners to schedule a hearing before the Board of Revision, which is comprised of the county auditor, treasurer and president of the board of county commissioners or their representatives.

At the hearing, property owners may present information such as recent appraisals or sales data for similar properties in support of their complaint.

Board of Revision Community Events

Click the flyer below to view opportunities across the community to learn about the value of your home through your Franklin County Auditor's Board of Revision process.


FILING Instructions

  • Print out the needed form(s).
  • Fill out the form(s) as required.
  • When finished, sign/notarize the form(s).
  • Mail completed/notarized form(s) to:

Board of Revision
373 S. High St., 20th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215

Complaints may also be submitted by email: