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Ownership, appraised value, legal description, property address, building description, building footprint records and photographs are available in the Auditor's Map Room on the 19th floor of the Franklin County Courthouse, 373 S. High St., and on this website.

In Tax Year 2013, Franklin County had a total real estate market value of $97.3 billion. That is $1 billion more than 2012. Taxable new construction was up from $397.7 million in 2012 to $778.6 million in 2013.

In addition, owners of properties that have been damaged by fire, flood or other means are encouraged to submit a Property Value Reduction Application. A substantial reduction in property value will result in a lower property tax bill until the property has been essentially restored to its prior condition. Applications for value reductions for properties damaged between January 1 and September 30 are due by December 31 of the same tax year. Applications for properties damaged between October 1 and December 31 are due no later than January 31 of the year following the damage. The amount of the value reduction allowed is adjusted quarterly depending upon when the damage occurred. For more information, please call 614-525-4663 (HOME) or email

Street-level imagery vans

Our street-level imagery vans will be taking pictures of Franklin County's 440,000-plus parcels of property during 2013-14. If you have a question about a van, please feel free to call 614-525-4663.

Throughout late August, our vans will be all over Franklin County. The project is nearly complete and the only photos left we have to shoot are re-shoots of previously photographed properties. Please call us if you have a question about any van.