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GIS Products and Services

The Franklin County Auditor's GIS offers a range of products and services to government agencies, private industry, educational institutions, nonprofit organizations and the public. These offerings include aerial photography (orthophotography),  general property plots, custom mapping services and nightly data extracts made available for download.

Hard copy and data products can be obtained on the 19th floor of the Franklin County Courthouse in the Public Information Area.   Specfic products include property maps, aerial photography, planimetric base maps, topographic maps, or a combination of these maps for all of Franklin County.  Plots include a variety of map products produced at customized scales, map sheet formats or feature/symbology combinations. Plotter size and scale restrictions will influence the particular map format and the type of features and symbology that can be displayed. Custom services include tabular reports of geographic information, special geographic analysis or other related services. More information about these products and services can be obtained by calling or visiting the GIS department (614-525-7272), the public information area (614-525-4663) or email [email protected].

Map products are produced on 36" x 48" paper (E-size) and 8 1/2" x 11" paper (A-size) color plots. These maps have been compiled to meet or exceed National Map Accuracy Standards at 1" = 100' scale. The scale of the maps you receive will depend upon the specifics of your request. Also offered are index maps showing the layout of 1" = 100' map facets for Franklin County and GIS map plots showing specified property information on letter sized paper.

Most plots can be produced at a variety of scales, normally ranging from 1" = 100' to 1" = 2,000'. These maps can be produced on various sheet sizes. Customers can also request that these maps be produced with selected map features and custom symbology. All maps adhere to National Map Accuracy Standards at the original compilation scale of 1" = 100' with 2' contours based on North American Vertical Datum 1929 (when displayed) and 500' grid ticks based on Ohio State Plane Coordinate System, South Zone and North American Datum 1983.

Included in the Auditor's comprehensive web site is the GIS mapping program that offers a variety of property data. This data includes parcel ownership and appraisal information, including a photo of the property. Links to other municipalities' web pages include items such as zoning; some utilities etc. A search program is available and enables the user to locate a specific parcel map. The property maps include lot dimensions, building sketches, aerial photos, floodplain, streets, and bridges. The custom mapping features enable the user to select specific maps, such as subdivisions, school districts, townships and zip codes. A variety of color-coded theme maps are also available for user-specified geographic areas, detailing the range of property values, building room counts, transfer amounts and dates. Custom reporting is available and provides a detailed, parcel-by-parcel updated listing of the requested theme information.

In addition, the Franklin County Auditor's GIS data is made available for download or on USB drive.