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Ownership, appraised value, legal description, property address, building description, building footprint records and photographs are available in the auditor's map room on the 19th floor of the Franklin County Courthouse, 373 S. High St., and on this website.

In Tax Year 2019, Franklin County reached a record high of $120.1 billion in total real estate market value. This year’s number of $120.1 billion is a 2.3 percent increase on last year’s previous high ($117.3 billion). The next announcement of the county's total value will come in November 2020.

The International Association of Assessing Officers in August 2017 honored the Franklin County Auditor’s Office with its Certificate of Excellence in Assessment Administration, the highest professional honor an assessment jurisdiction can obtain.

Franklin County becomes the first county in Ohio to attain this prestigious accolade and is one of just 36 counties or cities in the United States to now own this certificate. There are 88 counties in Ohio and more than 3,500 such assessment jurisdictions in the United States.

In addition, owners of properties that have been damaged by fire, flood or other means are encouraged to submit a Property Value Reduction Application. A substantial reduction in property value will result in a lower property tax bill until the property has been essentially restored to its prior condition. Applications for value reductions for properties damaged between January 1 and September 30 are due by December 31 of the same tax year. Applications for properties damaged between October 1 and December 31 are due no later than January 31 of the year following the damage. The amount of the value reduction allowed is adjusted quarterly depending upon when the damage occurred. For more information, please call 614-525-4663 (HOME) or email

2017 Reappraisal

In Ohio, county auditors are required to do a full, general reappraisal once in every six years. This process is called the Sexennial Reappraisal. The auditor or his qualified appraiser is required to view and appraise every property in the county for this purpose. The process takes between two and two-and-a-half years for a county the size of Franklin to be completed.

The Franklin County Auditor's Office most recently completed its 2017 Reappraisal. Following the conclusion of the 2017 Reappraisal, we were able to return $10.2 million to Franklin County schools, governments and libraries.

On the third year in between reappraisals, each county auditor is required to perform a statistical analysis of the sales which have occurred in the prior three years and provide for a percentage adjustment to be made to the values of all properties in each given marketing neighborhood. These adjustments are also stratified according to value to assure that the equitability of the valuations is maintained or corrected based on the analysis of like comparable sales. This process is called the Triennial Update.

The next Triennial Update will take place in 2020.

Other than the statutory reappraisal or update, each auditor is charged with annually reviewing the properties which have been found to have changed or are no longer appraised at their fair market value. Most often the change is due to new construction, a change in the physical size or shape of the land, or a demolition or damage to a property.