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The Franklin County Auditor’s Office was affected by the nationwide Crowd Strike outage on July 19, 2024. This may impact some website services over the weekend. Please be advised that we are working to ensure services are restored as soon as possible.

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GeoSpatial Technologies

Franklin County Auditor's: GEOSpatial Technologies

The Franklin County Auditor's Geographic Information System (GIS) was launched in February 1987 and has evolved into a suite of GeoSpatial Technologies leveraged by the office to answer complexed geographically based questions.  The goal of the Auditor's GIS is to create a single source of digital data, containing both mapped and tabular information, captured from an accurate base map.

The important and time-consuming task of appraising each of the 430,000 parcels of real estate within the county is an ongoing process that demands extensive information management capabilities provided by various GeoSpatial Technologies managed by the Auditor's office.

These GeoSpatial Technologies enhance the appraisal process by greatly increasing the auditor's information storage, retrieval, inventory and analysis capabilities, ultimately resulting in equalized taxation for the taxpayers of Franklin County.

These same technologies are accessible by the public in a variety of ways but most notably through the Auditor's Property Search site where users can access up to date and complete mapping and tabular information for each property within the county, a comprehensive aerial photography library dating back to the early 2000s, and our interactive street level photography known as StreetSmart.

While the primary focus of these technologies is to support the appraisal of real property the number of uses go beyond the core mission of the Auditor.  Many of the datasets used by Auditor staff are provided for download on a nightly basis and can be leveraged by other county agencies, local governments, private industry and citizens alike.  

GIS Products and Services

While the Property Search site is the Auditor's primary public facing application, the office does offer a number of other products and services to government agencies, private industry, the general public.  These offerings include aerial photography (orthophotography),  general property plots, and custom mapping services.  Data is extracted nightly and updated into each of our application offerings, giving our customers access to up to date information in a number of formats.  

Geospatial applications:    



Mapping services can be obtained at the Public Information counter located on the 19th floor of the Franklin County Court House.  Specfic products include property maps, aerial photography, planimetric base maps, or topography maps.  Plotter size and scale restrictions will influence the particular map format and the types of features that can be displayed. Custom services include tabular reports of geographic information, special geographic analysis or other related services. More information about these products and services can be obtained by calling our office (614-525-4663) or emailing [email protected].

Building the Franklin County Auditor's GIS:


Aerial photographs at four scales: 1" = 1,320' for developing the ground control network; 1" = 660' for producing the planimetric base map; 1" = 600' for creating orthophotos; and 1" = 800' for periodic updating.


First-order Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite control for 96 horizontal survey points, including azimuths: 43 existing monuments, 47 new monuments and six additional monuments for photo control.


Analytical triangulation, a method for extension or densification of ground control, performed using a fully analytic stereoplotter and state-of-the-art bundle adjustment software with refinements.


2,663 digital orthophotos with 12-inch ground pixel resolution (for use with appraisal mapping)


2,663 planimetric maps photo-compiled at 1" = 100' scale.


2,663 appraisal maps ortho-compiled at 1" = 100' scale for more than 395,000 parcels tied to the planimetric base.


2,663 2-foot contour maps when compiled at 1" = 100' scale, tied to the planimetric and cadastral base.