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Looking for property tax assistance? We have a list of resources that might be able to provide help. Click here to view Property Tax Help Programs. 

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File Transfer Protocol

Welcome to the FTP direct download  

Alternatively, you may utilize an FTP client to download files: View instructions for downloading files with an FTP client

Contour Shapefiles - Two foot interval contours developed from LiDAR last collected in March 2019.

DXF Files - These are CAD format files that were exported from our legacy GIS application MetaMap which was decommissioned in 2017.  View documentation  For current data in DXF or DWG format, please use the Data Extractor tool.

GIS Shapefiles - The Current_Extracts folder is updated every weeknight and archived versions are available to 2002.   View documentation  Archived parcels will need to be joined to the Parcel CSV to display attributes other than the Parcel ID. View documentation on how to join.
Outside User Files - These CSV files contains both appraisal and tax accounting  information.  These files are more comprehensive than the parcel CSV file.  This data is updated monthly and archived versions are available back to 2014.  Listed below are the files within each of the applications. 

Tax Accounting Files Parcel   Payment   (3 years) Rental Contact SA (Special Assessments) Tax Detail   Tax Distribution   Transfer Transfer (District  010)  Value 
Appraisal Files Build Dwelling Improvement Land Parcel Permit Sales    

Parcel CSV - This CSV files contains fields detailing property, tax, and value data maintained by various application and divisions within the Auditor's office. View documentation