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The Franklin County Auditor's office is responsible for maintaining and updating all records that are related to real estate, including establishing values for every real estate parcel in the county. A full reappraisal of all properties in Franklin County is completed every six years, with a triennial update on the third-year midpoint of the six-year cycle to update values to reflect the current real estate market.


ANNUAL REVIEW: Each year, the appraisal division reviews any property which has changed since the previous year. Most often the change is due to a sale/transfer, new construction, a change in the physical size or shape of the land, a demolition, or damage to the property. Final values are determined by the Ohio Department of Taxation and per Ohio Revised Code.


2023 REAPPRAISAL: The next reappraisal for Franklin County properties will occur in 2023. It takes approximately two and a half years to complete a reappraisal, during which time appraisers will perform exterior reviews of every property in the county to accurately assess values.


2023 Reappraisal Calendar

  • NOTICE OF PROPOSED VALUES: In August of 2023, a letter will be sent to all property owners in Franklin County with a notice of their proposed property values.
  • PROPERTY VALUE REVIEWS: Property owners will have the opportunity to provide information to the Auditor’s office, virtually and in person, during the month of September 2023 if they believe their proposed property values need to be reassessed.
  • FINAL PROPERTY VALUES: All property values are finalized in December by the Ohio Department of Taxation and in accordance with state law.
  • BOARD OF REVISION: Property owners also have access to the Board of Revision process through March 31st, 2024, if they feel the final assessed value is inaccurate. Learn more about the Board of Revision process.

2020 TRIENNIAL UPDATE: The 2020 triennial update saw a median value increase of 20 percent for residential properties and 15 percent for commercial and industrial properties. For tax year 2021, Franklin County reached 144.7 billion in total real estate value, which is an increase of 1.61 percent from the previous high of 142.4 billion in 2020. The next announcement of the county’s total value will be released in November 2022. The next Triennial Update will take place in 2026. Learn more by reading the 2020 Triennial Update Independent Audit.