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Filing Instructions

Complaint Filing Process

The BOR is now accepting tax year 2021 complaints through March 31, 2022.
Please see filing instructions below. The fastest way to submit a complaint is by e-filing.  If you prefer filing by mail, email, or fax.

  1. Review the guidelines and choose either e-file or print. Please note that e-file is only available for DTE 1 and DTE 1A complaints.
    • DTE 1         real property complaint                  e-file | print | guidelines
    • DTE 1A     COVID-19 complaint                        e-file | print | guidelines
    • DTE 1M    manufactured home complaint                  print | guidelines
    • DTE 2         complaint other than value                           print | guidelines
  2. If e-filing, complete the form and click Submit. You will receive an email confirmation that your complaint has been received.
  3. If printing, complete the form, print, and sign.  Please note the form no longer requires notarization for BOR filing in Franklin County.  
  4. Submit the form by scanning and emailing it to
    1. The form can also be submitted by mail (373 S. High St., 20th Fl., Columbus, OH 43215) or fax (614-525-6252)

Already Filed?